Monday, January 11, 2010

what a "good" start for this year

Before i start,have u been in a situation where u are all emotional when confessing something?..Well..i have and i just experience it not too long ago...

The chronicles enfold as such...

I did mention abt my bike having a stroke and went into cardiac arrest despite several attempts of resuscitation..that happened on Saturday after work..yesterday evening, right after i finished my blog i went and picked Zhe Fuh up from his condo to have dinner at my house...Things went smoothly..After dinner, i decided to send Zhe fuh back, that is when it happen..While i was reversing the car, i was chatting with Zhe fuh and didn't pay attention to my surroundings..Yup..i heard the bang and froze, thinking what kinda shit i have gotten into then..I came down and inspected what happen..My car ass showed it's affection to Bryan's car's ass...It wasn't that serious but the damage is still there...both my car and Bryan's car suffered some bruises..i told Bryan abt his car..he was ok with it as in he was nto furious abt it..thank god...on the other hand, when i told my sis...she was like.." u were doin?"..and all the W-H question came was a hell of a night...

I thought all my probs were over till i told my dad abt the incident...To tell u the truth, my dad is very good in something,he is very good in making me fall to my joke abt this..i dunno but when i do get nagged by family members ntg comes close to my dad's..He has this ability to make me speechless and weak..i just dunno why my body just dun wanna fight back..i tried to but i just couldn't..I called him in the evening and told him what the beginning i was ok coz i knew it was my fault but when he brought up the past..damn i just couldn't stand it..i nearly cried..Crap man..I know it sounds pathetic..ARGHHHH...Why i'm facing with this kinda shit these days?..

ok..i should stop here..this is a short post..i just wrote it coz i feel like writing...i still have to practice my show and tell for tomorrow..FML...screwed again...cheers

signing of after the sigh...


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The new beginning..

Firstly...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!..although i know i'm 10 days apologies for that..It's a whole new decade now and that means it's a totally new resolution for me..

In case u dunno..I'm accepted by MAS!!!..I'm currently studying in a training centre named M.E.T.C= Malaysia Airlines Engineering training's funded by MAS itself..My training started on the 1st of December and i'm currently learning English..i have to sit for IELTS at the beginning of February..There are 9 Bands all together..9 is obviously the highest and i have to pass with a band score of:-


sounds easy right?..I thought it was too till.........I took the pre IELTS test..and my results were

2-reading(WTF RIGHT?)

I was really shocked when i got my results back..many thoughts ran through my mind..Am i that bad?..Did they marked wrongly?..or did they purposely lowered my band scores so that i dun get overconfident with myself in the actual IELTS exam..Screw it..i didn't care coz many were in the same boat as I'm..So now were learning English from square one..back to basics ppl!..imagine urself siting in the classroom of 24 ppl(most of them are aged 20 and some of them adi have their diploma or degree cert with them) learning simple present tense and sentence making...OMG! first i thought was a joke but to my dismay it wasn't..

The first day in class were asked to distinguish which is noun,verb,adverb,adjective..The sentence was as such:-


try to label which is which..

Believe me..Everyone struggled..including me of course..then the instructor told us the importance of basic because scoring IELTS is not easy..blah blah blah..yea we realised how pathetic we lowered our ego and accepted the lessons wholeheartedly...we enjoy most of the lessons..EXCEPT writing..we have to write an argumentative essay in 40 minutes with a minimum of 5 paragraphs..I know some of u can do it..but i find it rather difficult..i just can't write a short and compacted essay in that amount of time!! brain cells can't connect that fast..crap..ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH...Screw this IELTS..i dun wanna talk abt it anymore...


My motor broke down!!!...bloody hell..why of all times u wanna break down when i'm on my way back after work...It happened yesterday..when we all waived each other goodbye..groups of "mat rempits" left the airport...all of them were happy coz they can rest for the day after a tiring day at they were heading towards the junction suddenly 1 of the rempit's motor cough and died...mat tried to resuscitate his metal the process of doin so..his pants tored becoz there was a metal wire sticking out from the motor's basket...He cursed and swore..Luckily, the rest of the rempit's discovered that 1 of their members was in they came to the rescue...they circled the poor biker and tried to troubleshoot the prob..many ideas was given and put to play..many tried but to no they decided to escort their fellow member to the was an amazing feeling to be helped by ur after reaching the shop i promise to buy them breakfast on monday..after that they left coz they were late for prayers...The mechanic explain what went wrong and what caused the prob..i told him to do what is necessary and bill me the sum up to'm so broke..there goes my allowance...

Always save the best for last..and yea..wondering what i'm gonna blog abt?..*drums roll*...It's none other than my love..XD..


Ms. Maggie Cheng

Man..just by looking at the pics again really makes me miss her so badly...yooooorrr..I want u sweetheart!!...Gawd...ur beautiful..ok..getting back to the story..we met up during christmas eve..we had alot of fun and precious time together..Then something aunt invited me for a xmas party at her happen that most of my aunts and uncles were there..and i tell's really an awkward feeling being there...It's my first i think u can expect what happen.."whoa Ross!!..siapa tu?..Sudah ada pun tak introduce eh?..sombong eh u".."chewah..anak Charlie sudah besar..sudah ada gf"..and the best part my lil cuzzie Cayson greeted me with not a hug but.."kor that ur gf?"..many more..OMG..That night was pure HAVOC i tell u..after that night,most of my family members found out abt my secret but still not my dad yet..But, my dad eventually found out what's goin on...guess when he found out?!..It's on his bday!! a surprise give for him huh?..He wasn't happy at all...we didn't talk for 3 days..He was giving me the silent treatment to show his dissatisfaction..I didn't cared at first but i gave in and made the first move to call him..I prepared myself for whatever hell he is gonna throw at me..and u noe..he didn't bring up the gf issue but instead he was glad that i called him...Awww..i was happy myself too...I think he finally came to his senses that his children are no longer children but they are maturing adults now..XD..(bangga an i puji myselfXP) we're cool now...The bottom line is..dear no need to worry anymore..were safe..hehe..

That's all from me now..I'm late to pick zhe fuh up take care ppls..may this year bring u lot's of love,luck,joy and success..may god be with u...Cheers

signing off after the beep



Monday, November 16, 2009

lala lele lili lolo lulu

i have so many things to blog abt yet i'm lazy to do it..*sighs*

just like my dog..lotus

I'm home alone now and i dun like the feeling of doin really bores me..i've been checking out ppl's blog..all i can see is happiness, frustration and's either because of their school life or friends..but me..i'm feeling kinda empty's just like i'm behind some barrier..i wanna have that kinda least i'm able to be connected with friends and latest news..damn..i can't wait for next year when i get to study again..i'm sure i'm gonna study hard..

wth?..i'm being emo again..




anyway..just blogging for the sake of killing time

since tomorrow will be the beginning of the final life determining exam..yup..It's non other than our Ass Pee fear not spm candidates..just be strong and face this battle with all u got..leave the rest to god..and as for the stpm candidates..same goes to u too..wishing both spm and stpm candidates the best of luck...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bedtime stories..

Once upon a time..there lived a pig named has an unusually large forehead and it neighs instead of was known as the creepy creature of it's day..1 day it was so bored that it swim to angel falls and went crashing down with the water into the sharp hard rocks beneath the falls..shattering all of it's bones and tissue till it's beyond recognition..obviously killing himself..the end..

Make sense?'s a big NO?!...damn lame la..what the heck la..

Anyway to mr Jay, Qi Min and ZOhan..This blog is just abt to wake up from it's suspended animation..soooooooooooo.........BOOYAAH!!

Today is the 28th..and it's the day when i'm a jobless the matter of fact..i was working as a mechanic for the past 2 months in case u all dun noe..did and learn many things there..i dunno why i choose this date to quit..maybe when u sum it up it becomes the number 10,which means it's full,complete and a nice number for me to let go of that job..i didn't expect today is gonna be this tiring..i thought it will be the perfect last day for me..but u noe...sometimes things just happen the way they aren't suppose dad rang me up at 10 something and ask me how's things at the garage..i happily replied"damn relax coz no car..blah blah..."..after hanging up the phone..bloody hell..a car came..after 15 minutes another car came..and the cars keep coming and coming..babi..not say just come for normal servicing but come for those troublesome oil-filter housing,change fuel pump and fuel filter,change oil sum gasket....all those fkn alot of work kinda stuff..ish!!..both my hands are full with oil and dirt..

I realized and it stills puzzles me why do the customers come in wave like pattern..when dun have customers means no car at boring..when there's trains balls..non-stop..and all of them want their car back on the same day...barsket..u think we all robots ah?..won't feel tired and hungry or thirsty?..i had my lunch at 3..that also we have to take turns to eat...i pity 1 of my colleague when he only had his lunch at 6!..omg..when it was 250pm my stomach was practically eating itself inside out man.. i dunno how he got the strength to tahan that long..since today was my last day at work so the lunch was on kidding..actually i wanted to get them MCD but we were too busy till we dun have time to leave the shop so i just packed for them rice at the nearby coffee shop..

After a exhausting day's work, we managed to pull ourselves together and smile as another busy day has gone..i managed to take some photos of my colleagues and my boss..

starting with my boss,let me ask u this..from the first look..what comes into ur mind when u look at my boss?..he is a 40 year old

My lao ban

my senior foreman..Ah kin..All of my colleagues including kakak,the clerk are is currently 25 years old..a skilled and seasoned worker for his age
Ah Kin

Last but not least..Ah Yau & Ah Onn..Ah yau is the guy who wears specs..when u group them together all u can hear is laughter coz those 2 really noe how to joke and talk cock..XDD..both of them and ah kin communicate while working is by cursing and swearing all what ever u can think of in's fun to see them teasing and insulting each other during work..seriously without them it will be damn bored
the clowns..Left: Ah yau..Right: Ah Onn

I'm gonna miss my day's working with those ppl..

I'm currently waiting for MAS reply..I really hope that they accept me as their junior trainee technician..for that it will greatly ease my burden..hoping for the best..

tomorrow's Thursday and that's the day that i'm looking forward girl is coming to subang!!..^^ case u dunno..I met this angel of mine in my national service camp..since then we became friends...later on we felt like we're 1 and we became what it's today..couples..XDD..

It's getting late now and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE U!!...XDD..goodnight ppl..

signing off after the beep..peace


Monday, July 13, 2009

It's mua again!!

Testical 1 2

Testical 1 2

sorry for the delay..There's been some technical errors lately but it's been far so good..

shit long adi didn't blog..karat siot..=.=

Ive been in and out of subang for the past 2 time to online till now..just had the p1w1max broadband thingy..the connection is ok only la..not to say damn fast or what..sometimes still can't access to some website like facebook or hotmail..thought abt taking streamyx but after experiencing it's "efficientness" thx..shit all the broadband or internet dealers pakat adi..each has their up's and down's..if u subscribe all..damn u have a perfect fast and unlimited connection..damn..why is the world so unfair?..*slaps face*..#mr rengga suddenly appeared in my head hitting my back"Eh sir!!..Wake up la!!..Wake up!! ur's the world ur talking..worse if it's abt money!?!??"#...funny huh?..there is an old saying that money is the root of all evil...and some ppl say money makes the world go round..from my point of is just an innocent victim of human greed itself! all depends on how u look at it..

let's put it this way..say..human A has a greed over money and power and he uses money to acquire his power..and for that,he bribes and do god knows what to strengthen his there was human B,C,D & E..who was a victim of human A doing..they were extorted,hit & tortured they were very unhappy and said"money is the root of all evil"...soon,the victims B,C,D&E couldn't stand no more of his evil acts and they conspired to bring down human A...and so after months of planning they manage to bring down human A by his own acts..using money of course...after their heroic act..they were given a large sum of money as reward of bravery..all of the once victim invested in some company and made their fortune..then they all gathered again at the most expensive hotel in town and talk like wealthy ppl..during thier gathering one of them said proudly"money sure makes the world go round" right? what say u abt money?..

crap during this recession.everything is even more abt am i crapping? i being sinis just like victims B,C,D &E when they were pushed around?..maybe..maybe not? crapping la..

anyway..if ur gonna ask me how am i recently or not..I'm fine..and getting prosperous day by in fatter..nyahaha..yup..thx to boredom and confinement in this house..shit.i'm gonna find a part time job soon.. i need something to do..i mean something productive or will somehow benifit me..can't wait till the next pc the same old job again..become like traffic police controling the crowd and bloody selfish dumb booth owners..yes..the cause of it is who makes the most profit out of this 3 days pc money money...crap...

this spoils the whole blog..i wana delete the paragraphs above but tak sanggup..XDD..write so long adi..biarlah..anyway..i'm in subang who ever is arnd this area plz tell me i sound so desperate..arghhh...what's gotten into me? having a bitch fit..lmao..

this post has no photo's...why?...I'm lazy and not in a's getting late Astalabista..Babey!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

My weekly post..

Everyday i'm stucked in this boring and uncertain state of life..either doing house chores or becoming driver sending things or ppl arnd...damn..I need to get some life rather than collecting dust at home..ppl i noe are busy with their life..working or studying..anything will do..just feel as though i've lost the sparkle in to me seems so dull now..i seriously wan to have a change and i need it!..but there goes my hopes and dreams thx to my laziness and boredom....WTF am i talking?..haha..*(conflict dalaman)..

this ain't me at all..nonono..I'm just suffering from insomnia because the weather here is DAMN BLARDY HOT!!!...screw the hole in the in ozone and ppl who cause them..crappy weather..rain a lil la..the rain like kencing also long as got rain can adi..anyway that's besides the point..I'm posting this for the sake of am i talking abt?..blame the weather..

My uncle(check colin) from kl came back malacca last fri..thx to him..the whole house is filled with laughter and noise again!!..wuhoo!!..Havocness baby!..enjoyed their visit here..get to see my adorable youngest cuz and the 2 cute lil rascals..

my aunt(che pam) feeding Calista..aww..ain't she squeezable?

the rascals..hehe..white-Cayson(elder)..Yellow-Philson(younger)

Calista when she just woke up..

I've got my eyes on u..

My with her youngest cucu

Take 2!..

It was yesterday when my family and I decided to go mitc for this household and everyday items's a yearly affair where many yet-to-be sold,being sold or can't-be sold items are...stuffs ranging from floor tiles to doors to mops to what every u can think of..'s huge

Yes..there's alot of ppl

No.. i dunno whether they profit much from this event

They are there til this 7th of june..So malaccans or non malaccans..if u feel like u have some extra money to spend..mitc is the place to be..F.Y.I..they're having this highest bidding thingy every night from 7 pm till everything in the bidding list finishes..they also give out u self proclaimed smart consumers out there...stop thinking abt recession and put some holes into ur wallet!!..*why am i promoting this fare?..when i dun get paid?* la eh?

So this is actually what happened during the bidding game..the guy on the stage will go like.."rm850 for this sony handy cam for the guy behind there..calling once"...coz the ppl will stop arnd 5/8 of the market the guy on stage will temp ppl to up the money more or he will end up losing his he will repeat again.."rm850 for this sony handy cam for the guy behind there..calling once...ladies and gentlemen..all u have to do to participate this game is to raise up ur hand and we will increase the price by rm 10 or rm 50 depending on the price..remember dun worry if u dun have enough money to pay now..we accept credit cards and down payments..all we want is for u to be happy and satisfied...dun regret because the decision is in ur hands.."..after talking all those cock..he will go back to the guy and say the same thing till "calling 3 times..sold!!"..congrats that guy and does it all over again..
bidding in progress..

freebies rushed hungry wolf engulfing fresh meat..

My soon-to-be bed..hehe

10 year warranty?..u better live up to ur words..



some cooking stuffs..random

slow business..

good advertising ..many potential customers..but buisness wasn't that good


from far it loks as though some jerk scrathed the paint out from the mum freaked out but thankfully it was just a we leave it alone..

What ur abt to see next is me involving myself in preparing spaghetti!!..yummy!!

it started at 330pm this afternoon when my mum wanna prepare spaghetti for dinner..i was i was like why not?..decided to learn some dishes so when the time comes..i can cook for started by peeling off the onion skin and dicing them up..

dicing in process..

followed by carrots and long beans.

put all in a plate

cut the chicken meat into small pieces

add some seasoning to it..

throw in the pasta..

leave it to boil for approx 10 minutes or so..

tumis the onion first

later add some garlic

then put in the rest of the diced vege

fry the thing till u think it's cooked

add the chicken meat into it and continue frying

fry fry fry..

add in the tomato purree

mixed it all up..and add in sugar..spice and everything nice..

till my mum decided to add in chemical X(button mushrooms..poison..yucks..)

then POOF!! became the perfect pasta sauce!!..

drain out the water in the pot..

add some extra virgin olive oil into the spaghetti to LUBRICATE

add some butter to ensure that they dun stick to each other when it's cold

finally add some chopped up dried leaves into it..then whoa lah!!..perfecto!

my lazy cat was there sleeping on the fridge..waiting for food..fat cat!..

this was taken after dinner..durian eating time(long lost mother and son activity)..hehe..kinda cute seeing my dad so excited eating durian with my

That's all for now..stay tuned folks...see ya next time..hehe..*sorry eh the jln cerita a lil cacat..the ending not nice..malas la wanna upload and type summore*


Monday, May 25, 2009

My longed Thai Massage

At the break of dawn,woke up and follow my mum to the tmn asean market to buy some stuffs..dropped by g-neo then to my very close cuz who goes through thick and thin with me during my childhood and school life..She who is the youngest child of my dad's sister is leaving for kampar to pursue her dreams in becoming a chemical engineer..The humble,helpful,kind hearted and fun-to-be-with relative of mine is gonna be greatly missed by everyone...take care hui xian..

The most recent photo of her..(took it on the day she went up to kl)

This is what i's the inti(the stuff u find inside the bak chang)..this is how and what it looks like from the very beginning

My and my eldest sis
The cook!!..XDD

kk..this are the process of cooking the inti

sorry..internet connection is like crap so can't upload the 1st photo
anyway..screw the first's abt tumis-ing the bawang putih and merah..later add in the dunno what paste then fry till garing and at last add in the bak( pork)..hehe

we still use traditional way of cooking..hehe..using charcoal!

this is what is looks like when it's garing

after that add some of the white stuffs..dunno what is that btu it's to add sweetness in it

add more sugar,pepper,five spice powder and keep frying

this is what it should look like when it's goreng to perfection..hehe..

a random sissyfied version of la

forget abt that it's time to goreng kerisik(some ingredient to make rendang)

add in the kerisik and keep tossing burns easily

keep stirring and tossing it

do it again

and again

and again till the browned kerisik is uniform

Finishto!!..golden brown lovely scented kerisik..XDD

was too bored so my sis decorated my leg with hannah paste..

the following day

My trap works!!!

Finally caught something!XDD

There's the lil sucker in there..freakin annoying ur trapped in my trap!!..loser..pandai-pandai tupai melompat,akhirnya masuk ke dalam perangkap saya!!..muahahah!!

ohh!!..look!!'s a HE!!..freakin idiotic piss is damn smelly..worse than vinegar with ammonia..yucks!..

after that..i took that lil bugger and charge it in court..i wanted it to have the death penalty but my mum(the judge) just drop charge and sentence it for buang daerah!..that's all i wanna service the motor so i buang it at bertam there..let that lil fag screw other ppls fruit

i was suppose to censore this pic..i took a naked pic of my bike..hehe

she is undergoin some cardiovascular surgery..the doctor said he has to clean her arteries and drain her blood to recieve new blood...

The heart surgent(zhe fuh's dad) performing a bypass for her weak heart..

goin through blood replacement and cleaning of kidney

Finally after the surgery was bike was stable enough to be sent home..hehe..Damn this is the part that i longed for!!!MASSAGE!!!..we went for the promotion package..rm50 for half an hour of foot massage and half an hour body massage..not a bad deal..

Me mum!!

They wash ur feet first then only massage..i tell was damn relaxing thx to the cozy environment..they sure noe how to spoil u..hehe

time for body massage!! worries la..they massage u with ur shirt's basically stretching and releasing preassure points..i was so excited and enthusiast at first..but i tell was relaxing and painful!!!...shit man..didn't expect those young small petite thai women noe how to release ur preassure points..they twist and turn ur body..(that hurts alot!!..didn't expect my body to be that kaku..turn only*klak..kluk*..haha)..then they step on ur back(damn i love that!!)..

this is the part when i actually's painful k!...

This is the lady who massaged me!!..hehe

just some pic i took..thought i could understand but i couldn't as it was all in thai!!..

sprinklers were's a random pic so wth...

So my day ended with a ear to ear smile and satisfied relaxed body of me and my mum..saw Elynn and Tay zhi wei that day too..hehe..actually was suppose to go out with them but got things to do..sorry guys..nvm..there's still plenty left to do in this life..Life is wonderful!!..why shouldn't we colour it?..hehe..